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University of Glasgow

Recognised as a Top 100 University in the World (THE and QS Rankings), the University of Glasgow is home to 33,000 students from over 140 countries. Founded in 1451, the University is part of the Russell Group of research led UK universities and has an excellent reputation throughout the world.

By joining us you'll be following in the footsteps of some of our famous alumni such as the pioneer of television John Logie Baird, the Scottish inventor and mechanical engineer James Watt as well as the father of modern economics Adam Smith. Our students benefit from our close industry connections and choice as well as over 250 clubs and societies.

We want you to have the best student experience we can offer, with a fantastic range of subjects to choose from, delivered by world-renowned researchers, in state-of-the-art lecture theatres and study spaces, and with access to world-class collections and resources.
At Glasgow, we are proud of our diverse, vibrant, and talented students and their ambitions to change the world.

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Study life

More than 50,000 international students from over 180 different countries choose to study in Scotland every year.  More than 94% say Scotland is a “good place to be”. From world-class watersports and walking, to cycling and mountain climbing, the possibilities for getting active in Scotland's magnificent great outdoors are endless. Scotland is also filled with attractions to suit every taste and budget from iconic castles to world-class museums and art galleries.
An official UNESCO city of music, Glasgow offers a renowned music scene, excellent sport facilities and shopping, and a wealth of arts and cultural venues all on your doorstep. Voted the world’s friendliest city, it is also one of Europe’s most diverse.  

Glasgow means "dear green place" in Gaelic and certainly lives up to its name with over 90 parks and gardens to explore. The city has been also crowned the European Capital of Sport in 2023 and there are lots of sport events to discover in Glasgow every year. 
For students looking for an affordable cost of living when they come to university, Glasgow is a great option. With a huge student population, many local businesses, services and nightlife venues offer student discounts and promotions.

Becoming a member of one of the 300+  our student clubs and societies will guarantee that our students gain more than just a degree during their time at the University. We also have four student bodies, each providing plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus and enrich our students’ Glasgow experience.

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All applications for our postgraduate courses must be submitted through our direct application portal. For details on how to apply, please visit: http://www.gla.ac.uk/postgraduate/apply/.

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Übersicht der Masterstudiengänge - University of Glasgow

    Adult Education for Social Change
    Advanced Nursing Science
    Advanced Practice in Health Care
    Advanced Practice in Veterinary Nursing
    Advanced Statistics
    Aerospace Engineering
    Aerospace Engineering and Management
    Ancestral Studies
    Ancient Cultures
    Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law
    Applied Linguistics
    Applied Neuropsychology
    Art History
    Art History: Art: Politics: Transgression: 20th Century Avant-Gardes
    Art History: Collecting & Provenance in an International Context
    Art History: Dress and Textile Histories
    Art History: Inventing Modern Art, 1768-1918
    Art History: Modern Material Artefacts
    Art History: Technical Art History, Making and Meaning
    Art History: The Renaissance in Northern Europe and Italy
    Assessment in Education
    Asset Pricing & Investment
    Banking & Financial Services
    Biomedical Engineering
    Biomedical Sciences
    Biomedical Sciences (Integrative Mammalian Biology)
    Biotechnology and Management
    Brain Sciences
    Cancer Research & Precision Oncology
    Cardiovascular Sciences
    Celtic & Viking Archaeology
    Celtic Studies
    Central & East European, Russian & Eurasian Studies
    Chemical Biology
    Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry
    Childhood Practice
    Children\'s Literature & Literacies
    Children\'s Literature, Media & Culture
    Chinese Studies
    City Planning
    City Planning & Real Estate Development
    Civil Engineering
    Civil Engineering & Management
    Classics & Ancient History
    Clinical Genetics
    Clinical Neuropsychology
    Clinical Nutrition
    Clinical Pharmacology
    Clinical Psychology
    Clinical Trials & Stratified Medicine
    Comparative Literature
    Composition and Creative Practice
    Computer Systems Engineering
    Computing Science
    Conflict Archaeology & Heritage
    Conservation Management of African Ecosystems
    Corporate & Financial Law
    Corporate Governance & Accountability
    Creative Industries & Cultural Policy
    Creative Writing
    Criminology & Criminal Justice
    Critical Care
    Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art)
    Data Analytics
    Data Science
    Developing & Evaluating Interventions
    Development Studies
    Early Modern History
    Ecology & Environmental Biology
    Economic Development
    Economics, Banking & Finance
    Education Policies for Global Development
    Education, Public Policy & Equity
    Educational Studies
    Educational Studies for Adult, Youth & Community Contexts
    Electronics & Electrical Engineering
    Electronics & Electrical Engineering & Management
    Electronics & Photonics Manufacturing
    End of Life Studies
    English Language & English Linguistics
    English Literature
    English Literature: American Modern Literature
    English Literature: Fantasy
    English Literature: Medieval & Early Modern Literature & Culture
    English Literature: Modernities - Literature, Culture, Theory
    English Literature: Romantic Worlds
    English Literature: Victorian Literature
    Enhanced Practice in Education
    Environment & Sustainable Development
    Environment, Culture & Communication
    Environmental Statistics
    Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases & Antimicrobial Resistance
    Equality & Human Rights
    Film & Television Studies
    Film Curation
    Filmmaking and Media Arts
    Finance & Economic Development
    Finance & Management
    Financial Economics
    Financial Forecasting & Investment
    Financial Risk Management
    Financial Technology
    Food Security
    Forensic Toxicology
    Gender History
    Genetic & Genomic Counselling (with Work Placement)
    Geoinformation Technology and Cartography
    Geomatics & Management
    Geospatial and Mapping Sciences
    Global Business
    Global Economy
    Global Health
    Global Markets, Local Creativities
    Global Mental Health
    Global Migrations and Social Justice
    Global Security
    Health Professions Education
    Health Services Management
    Health Technology Assessment
    Historically Informed Performance Practice
    History (with an Emphasis on the History of Medicine)
    Housing Studies
    Human Geography: Spaces, Politics, Ecologies
    Human Nutrition
    Human Rights & International Politics
    Immunology & Inflammatory Disease
    Inclusive Education: Research, Policy & Practice
    Industrial Heterogeneous Catalysis
    Infection Biology (with specialisms)
    Information Management & Preservation (Digital)/(Archives & Records Management)
    Information Security
    Information Technology
    Intellectual Property & the Digital Economy
    International Accounting & Financial Management
    International Banking & Finance
    International Business
    International Commercial Law
    International Competition Law & Policy
    International Corporate Finance & Banking
    International Economic Law
    International Finance
    International Financial Analysis
    International Human Resource Management & Development
    International Law
    International Law & Security
    International Management & Design Innovation
    International Real Estate & Management
    International Relations
    International Strategic Marketing
    Investment Banking & Finance
    Investment Fund Management
    IT Cyber Security
    Land & Hydrographic Surveying
    Management (MRes)
    Management (MSc)
    Management & Sustainable Tourism
    Management with Enterprise & Business Growth
    Management with Human Resources
    Management with International Finance
    Material Culture & Artefact Studies
    Mathematics / Applied Mathematics
    Mechanical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering and Management
    Media Management
    Media, Communications & International Journalism
    Medical Genetics and Genomics
    Medical Physics
    Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy
    Medieval History
    Modern History
    Molecular Pathology
    Museum Education
    Museum Studies
    Music Industries
    Nanoscience and Nantotechnolgy
    One Health
    Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
    Oral Sciences
    Philosophy (Conversion Programme)
    Philosophy of Mind and Psychology
    Physics: Advanced Materials
    Physics: Energy and the Environment
    Physics: Nuclear Technology
    Playwriting & Dramaturgy
    Political Communication
    Population Health Sciences
    Precision Medicine (with Specialisms)
    Precision Medicine and Pharmacological Innovation
    Primary Health Care
    Product Design Engineering
    Professional Learning & Enquiry
    Professional Practice with PGDE
    Psychological Science (Conversion)
    Psychological Science, Research Methods Of
    Psychological Studies (Conversion)
    Psychology (Conversion)
    Public and Urban Policy
    Public Health
    Public Policy & Management
    Public Policy Research
    Quantitative Finance
    Quantitative Methods in Biodiversity, Conservation and Epidemiology
    Quantum Technology
    Real Estate
    Research Methods of Psychological Science
    Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies
    Scottish History
    Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies
    Sensor and Imaging Systems
    Socio-Legal Studies
    Sociology & Research Methods
    Software Development
    Sound Design and Audiovisual Practice
    South European Studies
    Speech, Language & Sociolinguistics
    Sport and Exercise Science & Medicine
    Stem Cell Engineering for Regenerative Medicine
    Structural Engineering
    Sustainable Energy
    Sustainable Water Environments
    Teaching Adults
    TESOL: Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages
    Textile Conservation
    Theatre & Performance Practices
    Theatre Studies
    Theoretical Physics
    Tourism, Development & Culture
    Tourism, Heritage & Development
    Tourism, Heritage & Sustainability
    Translation Studies
    Transnational Crime, Justice & Security
    Urban Analytics
    Urban Research
    Urban Transport
    War Studies
    Wildlife and Livestock Management

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EU Scholarship

The University of Glasgow continues to be committed to ensuring a strong relationship with our existing and future EU students, and supporting EU talent to make their home at the University of Glasgow.  

We appreciate the challenging financial implications that have arisen as a result of Brexit, and are therefore delighted to announce the introduction of our EU scholarships for new incoming students.

Highly qualified applicants for eligible postgraduate taught courses with EU fee status will be eligible for the Vice Chancellor EU Award which is a tuition fee discount of between £8,000-£12,000. The amount you are awarded depends on the programme you are applying for. Applicants holding offers will be automatically assessed for this award based on academic merit. Applicants who do not meet the criteria will automatically be offered the EU Welcome Award which is an automatic £5,000 tuition fee discount.

Further information could be found on https://www.gla.ac.uk/study/eu/scholarships/

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Subject areas

  • Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Languages
  • Business, Accounting and Finance
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Law and International Relations
  • Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Veterinary Science
  • Sciences, including Computing and Psychology

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University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow

University Avenue 1
G12 8QQ Glasgow
T +44 141 330 2000

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University of Glasgow

University Avenue 1
G12 8QQ Glasgow
T +44 141 330 2000
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