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University of Birmingham

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    University of Birmingham
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University of Birmingham

B15 2TT Birmingham
England - West Midlands
T +44 121 414 3344
Weitere Standorte:

Dubai Campus

Block 2
Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
United Arab Emirates
T +971 4249 2300

University of Birmingham Selly Oak Visual Arts Centre (SOVAC)

Bristol Road 998
B29 6LG Birmingham
England - West Midlands
T +44(0)121 414 5998

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Übersicht der Masterstudiengänge - University of Birmingham

    Accounting (Research)
    Advanced Chemical Engineering
    Advanced Child Protection Studies
    Advanced Clinical Practice
    Advanced Computer Science
    Advanced Engineering Management
    Advanced Engineering Management - Construction Management
    Advanced Engineering Management - Operations Management
    Advanced Engineering Management - Project Management
    Advanced Engineering Management - Systems Management
    Advanced General Dental Practice
    Advanced Manipulative Physiotherapy
    Advanced Mechanical Engineering
    Advanced Practice in Healthcare (Global)
    Africa and Development
    African Studies (MA by Research)
    African Studies (MRes)
    Air Pollution Management and Control
    Ancient History
    Antiquity: Byzantine Studies
    Antiquity: Classical Archaeology
    Antiquity: Classics and Ancient History
    Antiquity: Egyptology
    Applied and Petroleum Micropalaeontology
    Applied Health Research
    Applied Linguistics
    Applied Linguistics with TESOL
    Applied Mathematics
    Applied Mathematics (MRes)
    Applied Meteorology and Climatology
    Archaeology - Cultural Archaeology
    Archaeology - Landscape Archaeology
    Archaeology (MA by Research)
    Archaeology (MRes)
    Art History and Curating
    Autism (Adults)
    Autism (Children)
    Bilingualism in Education
    Biochemical Engineering
    Biomedical Research: Integrative and Translational
    Biomedical Sciences
    Brain Imaging and Cognitive Neuroscience
    Byzantine Studies
    Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies
    Cancer and Genomic Sciences
    Cancer Sciences
    Cardiovascular Science
    Cardiovascular Sciences
    Character Education
    Chemical Biology and Biomedical Imaging
    Chemical Engineering Science
    Civil Engineering
    Civil Engineering and Management
    Classics and Ancient History
    Clinical Health Research
    Clinical Neuropsychiatry
    Clinical Oncology
    Clinical Psychology
    Clinical Sciences
    Colonial and Postcolonial Studies
    Commercial Law
    Communications Engineering
    Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Robotics
    Computer Science
    Computer Science (Dubai Campus)
    Computer Science / Cognitive Science (Research)
    Conflict, Statebuilding and Development
    Contemporary History
    Creative Writing
    Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
    Cultural Heritage
    Cyber Security
    Dental Materials Science
    Development Economics
    Development Management
    Development Policy and Politics
    Drama and Theatre Studies
    Drama and Theatre Studies - Dramaturgy, Playwriting or Performance
    Early Modern History
    Early Modern History (MRes)
    Economics (Singapore)
    Education (Research)
    Education for Health Professionals
    Education of Learners with Multisensory Impairment (Deafblindness)
    Efficient Fossil Energy Technologies
    Electrical Power Systems
    Electrical Power Systems with Advanced Research
    Electromagnetic Sensor Networks
    Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering
    English Language and Applied Linguistics
    English Language and Applied Linguistics (Research)
    English Literature
    English Literature (Research)
    English-Chinese Interpreting with Translation
    Environment, Development and Politics
    Environmental and Biological Nanoscience
    Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
    Environmental Health
    Environmental Health and Risk Management
    Exercise and Sport Sciences
    Exercise and Sports Medicine (Football)
    Film and Television: Research and Production
    Film Studies
    Financial Economics
    Financial Engineering
    Financial Management
    Food Safety, Hygiene and Management
    French Studies
    Genomic Medicine
    Geography and Environmental Sciences
    Geotechnical Engineering
    Geotechnical Engineering and Management
    German Studies
    Global Cooperation and Security
    Global Energy Technologies and Systems
    Global Ethics and Justice
    Global History
    Greek Archaeology
    Health Care Policy and Management
    Health Economics and Econometrics
    Health Economics and Health Policy
    Health Research
    Health Research Methods
    Health Studies
    Health, Bioethics and Law
    Health, Safety and Environment Management
    Heritage Management
    History (Research)
    History of Art
    History of Art (MRes)
    History of Art (Research)
    History of Warfare
    Holocaust and Genocide
    Human Computer Interaction
    Human Resource Management
    Human Resource Management with CIPD
    Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and their Applications
    Immunology and Immunotherapy
    Immunology and Immunotherapy (Research)
    Inclusion and Special Educational Needs
    Industrial Project Management
    Inflammation and Ageing
    International Accounting and Finance
    International Business
    International Business (Dubai Campus)
    International Business (Singapore)
    International Commercial Law
    International Commercial Law (Dubai Campus)
    International Development
    International Development (Conflict, Security and Development)
    International Development (Poverty, Inequality and Development)
    International Economics
    International Heritage Management
    International Heritage Management (UK-US Study)
    International Law and Globalisation
    International Law, Ethics and Politics
    International Law: Crime, Justice and Human Rights
    International Marketing
    International Money and Banking
    International Political Economy
    International Relations
    International Security and Terrorism
    International Studies in Education
    International Trade Law
    Investments (Singapore)
    Islamic Studies
    Italian Studies
    Language, Culture and Communication
    Language, Literacies and Dyslexia
    Late Antiquity
    Literature and Culture
    Management (Research)
    Management (Singapore)
    Management Mathematics
    Management of Special Education in Developing Countries
    Management: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Management: Operations
    Management: Organisational Leadership and Change
    Management: Strategy
    Mandatory Qualification for Teachers of Children and Young People with Vision Impairments
    Marketing (Research)
    Marketing Communications
    Masters in Public Administration
    Masters in Public Administration (Finance)
    Masters in Public Administration (Human Resources)
    Materials Science and Engineering
    Mathematical Finance
    Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Econometrics (MORSE)
    MBA (Singapore)
    MBA Executive
    MBA Global Banking and Finance
    MBA International Business
    Mechanical Engineering
    Medieval History
    Medieval Studies
    Metabolism and Systems Research
    Metallurgy and Materials
    Microbiology and Infection
    Microbiology and Infection (Research)
    Migration, Superdiversity and Policy
    Military History
    Modern British Studies
    Molecular and Cellular Biology
    Molecular Biotechnology
    Molecular Mechanistic Toxicology
    Money, Banking and Finance
    Music Performance Practice
    Music: Choral Conducting
    Music: Electroacoustic Composition/Sonic Art
    Music: Global Popular Musics
    Music: Instrumental/Vocal Composition
    Music: Mixed Composition
    Music: Musicology
    Music: Open Pathway with Performance
    Music: Open Pathway without Performance
    Music: Performance
    Music: Performance Practice
    Musical Composition
    Natural Computation
    Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management
    Occupational Health
    Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies
    Pharmaceutical Enterprise
    Philosophy (MRes)
    Philosophy of Health and Happiness
    Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science
    Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
    Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy
    Physician Associate Studies
    Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors
    Physiology (Research)
    Policy into Practice
    Political Psychology of International Relations
    Poverty, Inequality and Development
    Psychology (Research)
    Public Health
    Public Health (Global Health)
    Public Health (Health Technology Assessment)
    Public Management
    Public Management and Leadership
    Pure Mathematics
    Railway Safety and Control Systems
    Railway Systems Engineering and Integration
    Railway Systems Integration
    Religion, Politics and Society
    Research in Human Geography
    Restorative Dentistry
    River Environments and their Management
    Road Management and Engineering
    Russian Studies
    School Improvement and Educational Leadership
    Science and Engineering of Materials
    Severe, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties
    Sexuality and Gender Studies
    Sexuality and Gender Studies (Research)
    Shakespeare and Creativity
    Shakespeare and Education
    Shakespeare and Theatre
    Shakespeare Studies
    Shakespeare Studies (Research)
    Sikh Studies
    Social Policy
    Social Research
    Social Research (African Studies)
    Social Research (Business)
    Social Research (Economic and Social History)
    Social Research (Education)
    Social Research (Local Government and Public Policy)
    Social Research (Social Policy)
    Social Research (Social Work and Professional Practice)
    Social Work
    Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
    Spinal Pain
    Sport Coaching
    Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
    Strategic Marketing and Consulting
    Structural Engineering
    Teachers of Children with Hearing Impairment
    Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
    Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language (Department of English)
    Theology and Religion
    Theology and Religion (MRes)
    Theology and Religion (Research)
    Translation Studies
    Translation Studies (Research)
    Translational Quantum Technology
    Trauma Science
    Twentieth Century British History
    Urban and Regional Planning
    West Midlands History
    World Heritage Studies

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